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#115 That Championship Season - Pt. 1

After we viewed the videocassettes of previous episodes, I’m jamming with Ray on M.A.S.K. In two days we’ve knocked out ten story springboards. Lori pushes them through and gets the springboards approved. We knock out ten treatments in three days. When the treatments are all approved in two days, I have a hunch neither Jean nor Andy looked at them, instead just letting us run with them.

We’ve got a week to write five scripts each. Oh this is going to be fun!

We need a quick breather. As Fate would have it, our breather synchs perfectly with the Entertainment Softball League’s final scheduled game of the season. We’re up against arch rivals Warner Bros. So far, DIC has a 12-0 perfect season. Warner Bros. is 11-1, their only loss to us at the start of the season. We win tonight and we’re the champs. If Warner Bros. wins we’ll both finish 12-1 and there’ll be a playoff game.

I’m on the mound, bleachers packed with fans from both teams. Bobby Logan, Linda Levin and Mike Cowan are in the infield. Lori’s behind home plate. I strike out the first three Warner Bros. players, DIC fans in a frenzy.

We come to bat in the bottom half of the inning to see Warner Bros. has a monster of a dude pitching and he burns in the ball at a fast-pitch speed – something we haven’t seen before. He duplicates my feat, striking out our first three players. As we take the field, Bobby meets me on the mound. Bobby tells me I have to put more speed on my pitches. He says, “If you can’t speed it up, I can pitch.”

Despite my never having fast-pitched in my life, I assure Bobby that I know how to fast-pitch. It’s gonna be a long night.


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