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#116 That Championship Season – Pt. 2

By the fourth inning I’ve gotten into a groove, comfortable with hurling the softball at a much faster pace. But Warner Bros. brought their A-game tonight, pulling out all the stops. They hold a six-to-three lead. We don’t want Warner Bros. to win this game and force a playoff game. We want to end it tonight. We’re no longer artists, writers and production technicians. We’re just a bunch of guys and gals who want to win a ballgame…who want to win a championship…and we want it bad!

But we need a spark.

In the top of the fifth inning there are two outs and Warner Bros. has runners on second and third. One of their power hitters comes to bat. We all know if he gets a base hit then two runs will score and it could be a lead that cannot be overcome.

I burn in the first two pitches, getting called strikes. The infield shouts encouragement. But the batter tags my third pitch. Mike Cowan snags the ball. It’s too late to tag the runner at first. His only choice is to throw to Lori guarding home plate, Warner Bros.’ runner on third streaking toward her.

Lori steps forward, blocking the plate. Cowan fires a bullet at her. She catches it, standing her ground as the runner bears down on her. He puts his head down and slams into Lori, knocking her backwards to the ground, DIC fans letting out a gasp of horror. The umpire waits as Lori gets to her knees and holds up her glove with the ball in it. The ump calls the runner out, the inning and the threat over.

DIC fans erupt into cheers as the infield races to get Lori to her feet, hugging her. We have our spark…


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