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Will Jack Olesker and 24/7 Productions, LLC collaborate with individuals on new book, film and
television projects?

Jack Olesker and 24/7 Productions, LLC occasionally collaborate with third party individuals. Jack Olesker and 24/7 Productions, LLC do not solicit or receive any unsolicited materials. Unsolicited materials will be deleted unread. If Jack Olesker and 24/7 Productions, LLC are interested in exploring a possible collaboration, we will email you a release form for your signature. Neither Jack Olesker nor 24/7 Productions, LLC will engage in any collaboration unless there are significant development funds attached to the proposed project.

Does Jack Olesker provide advice about writing, producing and directing?
Jack Olesker conducts weekly symposiums that address both his long career in the publishing, motion picture and television industries and allows participants to ask specific questions. Detailed information about the symposiums can be found at – (Kim, fill this in)

Can I receive additional information about the novels, television series and films listed on the

In addition to what appears on the website, most novels, television series and films listed on the website can be researched online.

Can I email Jack Olesker directly?
Jack Olesker can be reached through Questions of a personal nature or regarding politics and religion will not be answered. Due to the high volume of email we receive, there is no guarantee that emails sent to will receive a reply. Anyone sending emails to info@24- agrees that the emails become the property of Jack Olesker and 24/7 Productions, LLC.

Can Jack Olesker assist writers in securing an agent or with submissions to book publishers,
television broadcasters or film studios?

Jack Olesker does not work directly with writers on these matters, but helpful information about those subjects can be found on his symposiums and blog posts.

When will I receive my merchandise?
In an effort to keep things affordable, and we try, we sourced items from USA manufacturers who print on demand. You may receive one at a time and spread apart. We will alert our subscribers if there is a change in merchandise.

Who has access to my information?
Only and 24/7 Productions LLC employees have access. We do not sell.

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