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#97 There’s a new cat in town…

After my latest exchange with Howard, I reluctantly return to my office. My in-boxes are pathetically empty. I have no phone messages. Sadly, I see this happening for a long time. I miss the interaction with writers, the scripts – writing or editing them –being involved with a series and knowing it will have a positive impact on children.

I also feel guilty. I’m making a lot of money as a staff writer/story editor at DIC. How can I sit around hour after hour, day after day, week after week, month after month doing nothing and justify being paid?

A knock on my door brings the message that I won’t have to justify sitting around doing nothing for a month, a week, a day or even an hour. I call, “Come in.”

Lori opens the door and, like a seer, asks, “Did you think we’d let you sit around here doing nothing?”

I answer, “I was starting to wonder.”

Lori grins. “I’m not surprised. It’s been a whole hour since you turned in the last Care Bears script.” She comes in and asks, “Do you know who Heathcliff is?”

Desperate but knowing it’s a mistake, I give the only answer I can. “He was the protagonist in Emily Bronte’s novel”

The smile leaves her face. “Very funny, Jack. We all read Wuthering Heights in English Lit 101.”

Sensing I’ve got the wrong Heathcliff, I surrender. “I give up. Who’s Heathcliff?”

She places four floppy discs and four video cassettes on my desk and answers, “He’s a cat.”


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