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#96 The Master of Discomfort

As Howard’s audience disperses, he moves toward me, an anticipatory look of veiled glee in his eyes. He asks, “So how’s Care Bears coming, kid?”

I do not like his use of the word ‘kid’. I know I’m relatively new to children’s entertainment but this is not a day I need to be reminded of it. When I tell him, “I just delivered the last script to Lori” he brightens. Thinking he should also be worried about the season wrapping, I add, “I don’t know if we’ll get a pick-up for more episodes.”

Without a blink Howard says, “Care Bears is going to Nelvana for the next season.”

Showing my lack of knowledge about the children’s entertainment industry, I ask, “Who’s Nelvana?”

Howard puffs up, pleased to ‘teach’ me something. “They’re a Canadian animation studio. Word is they underbid DIC.”

I ask, “How can they do that?”

Enlightening me further, Howard explains, “They get a subsidy from the Canadian government. They can produce the series for half of what DIC charges.”

When I say that doesn’t seem fair, Howard replies, “Welcome to the world of international television, kid.”

Three things happen after our conversation: I assume Howard’s right, I realize I have research to do if I want to be a part of this industry and I still don’t like him calling me ‘kid’. Howard’s stock has gone down a couple points in my book. It would be that way – up and down, up and down – for as long as I would know him


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