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#72 An Unlikely White Knight

I was new at DIC. I’d written some scripts, hired on as an assistant story editor, moved up to story editor shortly after, and now Howard was figuratively and literally blocking my path. I’ve never allowed anyone to intimidate me. So after Howard asked “How was your little meeting?” I said, “What’s your problem?”

He snarled, “My problem is you threatening to blacklist writers unless they show up for a meeting.”

I defended, “We’re behind schedule. We need to get back on track.”

Lori walked up behind Howard and said, “Let’s not get into a pissing contest, boys.”

We turned as Andy approached next, with, “Who’s in a pissing contest?”

Howard replied, “No pissing contest, Andy. I just don’t like it when someone gets too big for his britches.”

Andy leveled a gaze at Howard. “Neither do I. Or maybe you’ve forgotten where you were at when I brought you to DIC…”

Howard frowned. I watched him deflate and slink off.

People say Andy’s a tough businessman. Some say he’s ruthless; a few say heartless. Well, you have to be tough in this business, and at times ruthless and maybe even heartless.

But I know at least two times when Andy showed empathy, compassion and generosity. I became aware of one after Lori told me Howard’s story, and what Andy had done about it. Another was years later when he demonstrated ‘empathy, compassion and generosity’ at a time when I badly needed it. But that’s another story.

Who would have thought Andy Heyward would turn out to be a White Knight?


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