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#66 The meeting comes to order…

I took my shot yesterday. It was a bluff. I was days into being the Care Bears story editor and we were two weeks behind schedule. I’d sounded like I was coming from a position of strength, but if none of the writers showed up I was sunk.

Fortunately, no one knew it was a bluff and no one wanted to be off a series by not showing up. Worse, they believed, if they didn’t show up for my meeting they wouldn’t be writing for any DIC series in the future.

That I didn’t have the authority to back-up my brash threat was beside the point. Perception was reality as far as my writers were concerned. I comforted myself with the knowledge that my deception would benefit us all – the writers would get script assignments and I’d get back Care Bears’ delivery schedule back on time.

I walked into the small, glassed in conference room fifteen minutes early so I could grab the head seat. I’d charmed our receptionist into directing the writers to the conference room upon their arrival. A few minutes later, I looked around the room, filled with writers. It was a good turnout.

As my writers sat, I saw Kevin stop outside to look in. A moment later Andy joined him. Andy looked at the writers, all of whom he knew. With their eyes locked on Andy, Andy looked at me, paused and raised his thumb. I raised my thumb back. Then he and Kevin walked away.

The writers looked to me, seeing this ‘Olesker-guy’ in a different light now.

I said, “Let’s begin...”


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