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#64 A Second Late night Epiphany

It was raining hard. I couldn’t sleep. I got up, went to the kitchen, made a glass of warm milk and sat in my dark living room listening to the rain.

It took me half an hour to figure out why Jean and Andy allowed story editors to be paid for writing episodes of a series they were story editing. I didn’t delude myself into thinking Jean and Andy were encouraging story editors to write scripts for shows they were story editing just because they were nice guys.

No. It came to me that having the story editors write episodes removed a whole layer of the creative process. Who knew a series better than its story editor? If the story editor was writing his own episodes then there was no need for him to work on editing an outside writer’s script to bring it into the ‘house style’ of the series. The story editor had already done that by writing the script himself.

I took it to its logical conclusion. If I was the story editor who initially chose storyboards to be presented to Lori, Jean and Andy, and if Jean and Andy had no problem with me writing scripts myself, I’d write my own story spring boards, present them to Lori, Jean and Andy, get scripts assigned to myself, write the scripts and make the script writing fee...which was exactly what Lori, Jean and Andy had already done when they sent me home to write Care Bears story spring boards!

It occurred to me that it was time for me to start shopping for a nicer car.

I went back to bed.


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