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#39 Marching Orders

Lori’s first floor office is organized chaos, papers everywhere. When she asks what I think of the studio, I say, “It’s big.”

I ask if she’s going to fill me in and she says Jean and Andy will. Then she sends me to meet with Jean on the second floor.

A walkway and offices extend around the second floor, offering a view of artists’ and writers’ cubicles below. Jean’s office is glassed in, like his old office was. It’s neat and tidy like Jean himself. He’s relaxed, smiling as I walk in. He moves into what would be one of the shortest meetings I’d ever have with him. He says DIC is going to be producing a lot of series. Then he tells me I need to buy a computer so I have the right tools for my writing. I say, “Okay.”

The meeting over, Jean sends me to Andy, two offices down.

Andy’s office is more like Lori’s – appearing disorganized and overwhelming. It’s illusionary. From what I know of him, Andy’s always organized and never overwhelmed.

Today he’s wearing a custom tailored olive green suit, an expensive, starched cream-colored shirt, a lime green tie and matching lime green-framed eyeglasses. He greets me warmly. “Jackie! How are you?”

I think ‘He wants something’ and, biding my time, I say, “Fine.”

I don’t have a chance to sit because Andy stands with, “I want you to meet someone.” And then we’re walking around the second floor walkway, writers and artists below glancing up at us. I wonder what they’re thinking, seeing me walking with Andy Heyward.


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