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#92 Worth and Value

Here in the present, I think about how during great times and not-so-great times,

throughout my ascendency in the world of television, the devastation of being fired from

my job, my rise back up from that devastation and the ups and downs and all arounds in

this crazy business called ‘show’, I’ve not only survived…I’ve thrived. (I don’t usually

write fifty-nine word sentences but there was a lot to convey.)

My skillset goes beyond writing. The creative genius Jean Chalopin regarded me

as being in a single dimension – just a writer. Yes, I’m a writer. But I’m also a

businessman – always have, always will be. I know the consummate businessman

Andy Heyward recognized that after he had put me through a few tests. It’s why he

would later acknowledge it at a dark moment in time when I badly needed to hear it.

You see, I come from a mercantile family.

Early on, I learned how to navigate the world of business. And, back in 1984, on that flight from Cleveland, I realized being a writer but also someone who was business-savvy was pretty rare.

That came to me as the pilot announced through the speakers that he was

turning off the fasten seatbelts sign so we could move around the cabin. After this trip

to Cleveland, I was free to move around the entertainment industry’s cabin.

Andy saw it in Judy Price’s office and in Those Character’s From Cleveland’s conference room.

He knew I was a creative type who also happened to know business and, because I did, it was safe for me to go to meetings with toy companies and broadcasters. I had worth

and I had value.

At last, I had really arrived.


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