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#78 Andy, Andy, Andy…

After Andy

left to go wherever one goes to recover after learning an engine had fallen off a plane they were going to fly on, I went to see Lori. I saw her wiping tears of laughter as I neared her office. For this to have happened to an aerophobiac really was borderline hilarious…except, of course, if you happened to be the aerophobiac.

When I asked where we went from here, she said this wasn’t the time to ask Andy about air travel. But she suggested I bring it to Jean’s attention since it wouldn’t be good to leave the client hanging.

I brightened. It had been a while since I’d spoken with Jean. I was getting better and better at scriptwriting, so there was less and less for us to talk about. This would be a pleasant change of pace, Andy’s travails notwithstanding.

I passed Kevin on the way up to the second floor walkway. He said he wasn’t going to ask how I was doing because word was getting around that I was doing well. I thanked him and continued on up.

Jean was in his office, the door open. I’ve known few people as even-tempered and always under control as Jean Chalopin, which was why it seemed so odd

to see him red-faced and struggling to keep his laughter contained. At last he surrendered and broke into peals of laughter, chest heaving, head shaking from side to side with amusement.

Apparently he’d already heard the engine-fell-off-the-plane story.


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