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#62 Change of plans…

I was tired, but I was feeling good. I would never, ever tell anyone in the industry I was tired. Everyone’s tired, all the time. We all work hard, all the time. To say one was tired would be stating the obvious. Worse, it could show weakness.

On the other hand, I thought it would be fine to say I was feeling good. I had a lot to feel good about. I was on staff. I had a great salary. I’d gotten a promotion within a blink of an eye. I’d proved my initial worth as a player in the game. And I’d been elevated from a cubicle to an office. Who wouldn’t feel good?

So as Lori, carrying a manilla envelope, intercepted me heading for the doors and asked, “How are you doing?”, I answered, “Feeling good, Lori.” When I added, “I’m heading to the library to do some research”, she brought me to a stop by saying, “No you’re not.”

One thing I’d learned about the entertainment business was it’s fluid, ever-changing and, like quicksilver, impossible to catch. If you were smart, you didn’t even try. You just adapted and went with the flow.

When I asked, “Where am I going?”, Lori allowed a smile.

She said, “Home.” She handed me the manilla envelope. “Jean approved two of your Care Bears springboards. Start writing the treatments.”

I answered, “You got it” and opened the front door. But before I could walk outside she said, “You get twelve hundred and fifty dollars for each script.”

My knees went weak.


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