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#61 “There’s a new sheriff in town…”

I’d learned early in life that when you’re in a crisis you have to act decisively. With Care Bears being two weeks behind schedule, I had to act… and decisively.

I spent the rest of my first day as story editor placing calls to writers. If their line was busy, as it often was in those before-voicemail days, I’d call again in ten of fifteen minutes, and again and again until I reached them.

Sometimes I’d get an answering machine, which I intensely disliked. I’d far prefer the phone keep ringing if no one was available and try again later. It was a lot better than leaving a message and being at the mercy of someone to call back.

When I’d get a writer on the phone I told them I was the new story editor for Care Bears and there’d be a writers’ meeting in the DIC conference room at noon tomorrow. Most said they’d be there. Two or three said they weren’t sure they could make it. One said he had an appointment at noon. I told him to break it. I told the others who “weren’t sure they could make it” that I was sure if they didn’t attend the meeting they wouldn’t be working on Care Bears…or any other series DIC had in the works.

As the day neared its end, I was confident I’d have a fine turnout for my first writers’ meeting. I packed up, planning to head to the library.

Funny how things don’t always work out like you want…


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