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#55 Tick-tock…tick-tock…tick-tock

I feel the table’s being set. And yeah, I know I have mood swings, one day thinking I’m incredibly valuable to Jean and Andy, the next thinking I’m just a small cog. But mood swings are a part of this writer’s life. I just deal with them, enjoying the ups, not getting too rattled by the downs and pushing on…always pushing on.

Monday morning Lori calls me into her office to tell me Jean’s happy I bought a computer. She says she’s happy, too; that it’s going to make a big difference for me. There’s something about Lori -- a genuineness that tells you she means it when she says she’s happy for you.

When she asks how I’m doing with my Kaypro, I confess there’s a learning curve. She nods, assures me I’ll get the hang of it. In a faux-offhand manner, she casually adds, “Writing your Care Bears springboards will give you good practice.” Lori waits for my reaction. I remind myself she knows everything going on at the studio. Just as faux-offhandedly, I say, “I’m sure it will…”

She breaks into a smile, making a mental note, I’m sure, that I’m quick on my feet and can handle scenarios that occasionally present surprises. That fact will play in later days when she gains enough confidence to take me to important meetings.

For now she says, “Jean wants you to work on the springboards from home for a couple of days.” I resist the temptation to ask what Sandy will think about that.

I tell Lori I’ll see her in a couple of days and head out, not mentioning I’ve already pounded out six Care Bears story springboards using ‘my little friend.’


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