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#45 The lowdown…such as it is

With Lori gone, Sandy sizes me up. He starts with, “I heard you wrote some episodes of The Littles.” I smile slightly, giving him the titles. He says “Word is Judy Price liked them.” I agree that that’s accurate, not adding that’s probably the reason I got the job as assistant story editor because it’s obvious that’s probably the reason I got the job as assistant story editor even though I still don’t know what the job entails.

Then, thankfully, Sandy forges head about the job. “It’s not complicated. Writers bring me maybe half dozen story springboards at a time. I submit the ones I like to Lori who, I assume, submits the one’s she likes to Jean, who decides which ones would make good episodes.”

I note Sandy’s omitted Andy from this process, but I’m pretty sure that’s because Andy focuses primarily on business while Jean’s primarily on creative. Fair enough.

Sandy explains, “When I get an approval from Jean I assign the scripts to the writers. They write the scripts and deliver them to me. I edit the scripts and pass them to Lori. That’s all there is to it.”

I get a feeling that’s not all there is to it. “Seems like you skipped over what’s involved with the editing part.”

He arches an eyebrow in question. “What do you mean?”

I answer, “Well, for a story editor isn’t editing the biggest part of the process?”

His eyebrow’s still raised as he tilts back in his chair, quiet again.


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