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#40 I’m in…

Andy cuts a swath through the cavernous first floor, pausing to look at a couple or nervous artists’ work. He says hello to Kevin O’Donnell, who he introduces as DIC’s Production Manager. In his late twenties or early thirties, Kevin has a surfer’s bleached blonde hair, a square jaw and a dazzling smile. He could be a model or an actor, better looking than any guy has a right to be.

Kevin’s very friendly, giving me a strong handshake. Something tells me Andy’s mentioned me to him. A busy man, Kevin hurries off.

We near a dim, far corner on the first floor and a curly brown-haired young man looks up from his cubicle and stiffens. As if receiving a telepathic order, he stands from his cluttered desk. Andy’s not smiling anymore. He says, “Jack, I want you to meet Sandy Fries. Sandy’s the story editor for Care Bears. I nod and shake his hand, saying, “Congratulations.”

Sandy manages a smile. He seems like a nice guy, but I can tell something’s not quite right. We make small talk for a few minutes, then Andy and I move on.

As we get to the second floor, I’m trying to figure out what meeting Sandy was all about. Andy takes me into Jeff Wernick’s office. He tells Jeff to give me the payroll forms. I look to Andy, knowing exactly what he’s going to say. Then he turns to me and says it. “You’re going to be the assistant story editor for Care Bears.”

I’m in.


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