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#38 And then I get ‘the call’

I’m bleary-eyed from a mid-week night of L.A. clubbing. Los Angeles can be dangerous, even more so if you’re ‘successful’. I’ve got a ways to go before I’d call myself that, but I’m moving toward it.

Climbing from bed and feeling my way to the kitchen, I start coffee and head to the shower. The phone rings like an icepick through my neck. It’s Lori. This is my first call from her in weeks, which is okay. DIC has been moving to new digs and I can only imagine how busy she’s been. She says, “Jean and Andy want to see you.”

Immediately, my head clears. I’m totally alert. This is different. They both want to see me. Lori tells me to come to the new studio and gives me the address.

Whatever is happening, it’s happening fast. I’m guessing it’s not all just because of Care Bears, though that’s clearly a part of it.

I blast through my shower, pull on jeans and a sweatshirt and head out. The new studio is three blocks from the old studio. It’s half a block long, the windows tinted. I walk in. It’s dark, subdued, all business – a long way from DIC’s homey former studio-over-a-beauty-shop.

It’s huge, packed with artists, producers, directors working. I see artists creating sketches of The Littles, others drawing The Get Along Gang characters. I stop by another workstation as I see sketches of Inspector Gadget. I’d learn the DIC series was already airing. I wasn’t aware of it. I remind myself to start watching more children’s programming on TV – a good idea since I was writing for children’s television.

I see Lori in an office and she beckons.

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