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#31 Reality Check

Mike Stokey, who would become my best friend, was a word processor at DIC and would go on to become a renowned Military Technical Advisor for films and television series that included Born on the Fourth of July, Band of Brothers, Starship Troopers and many others. He once said when “When you get excited it’s ‘elevator going up’!” He was kind enough not to add when I “get deflated it’s ‘elevator going down’…”

The Series Bible for The Get Along Gang was amazing; not because of the series itself, but because of the structure contained within it. There were lengthy sections about the series’ Backstory, Concept, Characters, Locations, Format and Story Springboards. Skillfully written, it created the entire world of the series. I was awed.

But as dusk fell, my elation waned and I was stuck in an elevator “going down”, reflecting how pompous I was to think Jean, Andy and Lori were strategizing about how Jack Olesker, having written three episodes of The Littles, was going to play a vital role in the studio’s growth. Jeffrey Scott was Jean’s go-to writer. Jean said I wasn’t even allowed to say his name. I drove to the studio, went to Lori’s office and asked to see everything Jeffrey had written. She pulled out file after file after file, piling them on her desk. “At last count, a hundred and thirty-six episodes of produced television.”

My elevator hit rock bottom. At best I was a minor cog.

Lori softened. “Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re just starting out. Go home and get to work on The Get Along Gang.”

I slunk out of her office, my tail firmly tucked between my legs.


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