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#30 Gold!

I hurried back to my leased condo, opened the manilla envelope and took out the thick Series Bible for The Get Along Gang. It didn’t take Einstein to know what ‘series bible’ meant. It was a document designed to show writers the world of a television series so they could write for it.

I split my attention into two directions – one to learn about this adorable series with creatures living in Green Meadow; the other to study the Series Bible as Andy had instructed, “to learn how a series bible is written and why it’s written a certain way.”

Jean, Andy and Lori were razor sharp execs with finely honed antennae. I was sure their antennae could discern when a writer had potential and could be of benefit to them. I was convinced they were grooming me for something. I just didn’t know what…yet

Other things that didn’t make sense: Jean giving a novelist a shot a writing for television; teaching me where I was making mistakes and how to correct them; Andy taking me to see The Great and Powerful Judy Price after I’d written a couple of scripts.

But the thing that most didn’t make sense was why I was pulled off The Littles to write just one episode of The Get Along Gang.

It might not make sense yet, but I was willing to bet they hadn’t gone to all this effort just to have me write a handful of television episodes.

I thought I’d figure it out in good time and, anyway, I loved a good mystery. In the meantime I dove into reading the Series Bible for The Get Along Gang.

It was Gold!


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