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#20 My moment

To put it into context, you have to understand where DIC Entertainment was at this time. Jean Chalopin had some success in Europe. But America isn’t Europe. He was an outsider and one with a thick French accent. He was charming and handsome, but he was still what used to be called “a foreigner”. And there was a lot of competition out there from other small independent studios who desperately wanted to create series that would be ordained by one of the trinity – ABC, NBC and CBS.

Jean and Andy had given birth to their small studio and, incredibly, they had a network series that could give their young company credibility. But to get that credibility and greenlights for more television series, they had to demonstrate that they had writers who could deliver top quality scripts.

I’d written a couple of scripts for television. But I wanted more. I wanted much more.

A few years later, as Bud Fox would wait to be shown into Gordon Gekko’s offices in Wall Street, he looks into a mirror and says, “Well, life all comes down to a few moments. This is one of them.” Jean and Andy thought they were rolling the dice by bringing this young, relatively untried writer into the offices of one of the three most powerful executives in Children’s Entertainment. But they were wrong. They weren’t rolling the dice.

The dice had already been rolled, and the dice had come up ‘seven’ before we even walked into Judy Price’s office because she loved my work.

I was Jackie-poo and I had arrived.


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