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#19 The Great and Powerful Sorceress of CBS

You would have thought we were approaching CIA Headquarters at Langley. Andy gave his name to the guard at the guardhouse. The guard gave Andy a pass card for his dashboard. We parked and I followed Andy toward the entrance to CBS’ headquarters.

Then we went through the entrance doors. Suddenly, I felt zero nervousness. Suddenly, I felt like I’d grown five inches taller and packed on twenty pounds of muscle.

As Andy and I walked along the corridors of power that lead to the executive offices, I thought about how this was exactly what I wanted. Well, maybe not ‘exactly’. I never thought I’d end up writing for children’s television. But television and motion pictures were where I wanted to be and now that’s where I was at. So it was exactly where I wanted to be at.

The receptionist said hello to Andy. Cool that she knows his name, I thought. We walked through a set of glass doors and Judy’s secretary said hi to Andy. Really cool, I thought. She pressed a button on the intercom. Andy stayed standing. And in that instant I knew how the meeting was going to go down. I could have scripted it. I was born for this moment.

The doors opened, we walked into her office, Judy Price stood, held her arms held out wide toward me, a big smile on her face as she declared, “Jackie-poo!!!”

I smiled back. Yeah. I knew how it was going to go down. I could have scripted it…


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