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#14 Swimming toward the shark…

I was getting known at DIC Entertainment. I’d begun what would be a decades-long business relationship that would grow into a wonderful friendship with Lori Crawford, DIC’s Director of Creative Affairs. We hit it off from the start because we had similar personalities, the same relentless work ethic and the same sense

of humor – scathing and able to both dish it out and take it.

Jean was my mentor, but Lori was my Insider. She showed me the ropes, explained who was who, what was what and gave me the lay of the land. Naturally, Lori knew Jeffrey Scott well. After all, Jeffrey’d written an entire season of episodes for The Littles. She gushed as she told me Jeffrey was Jean’s go-to writer…and Lori didn’t ordinarily gush.

Because of his huge output, there was a rumor Jeffrey had a cadre of writers who would knock out scripts that he’d put his name on. Because I, too, wrote at a furious pace, I realized the rumor was absurd and likely fueled by jealousy.

Over time I figured out Andy Heyward, President and CEO of DIC, ran the business end of the studio, Jean preferring to concentrate on creative matters. Andy definitely had a presence. Stylish, always wearing business suits and horn-rimmed eyeglasses with vibrantly colored frames that matched his vibrantly colored ties, Andy was engaging, cordial and closely related to Great White sharks. (That’s a compliment.) He was – and still is -- one of the sharpest businessmen I’d ever meet.

So when Lori called one day to say Andy Heyward wanted to see me, I knew things were picking up.


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