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#10 “Jeffrey Scott was big, too…”

Lights, Camera, Littles, the title of the script from Season One of The Littles that Jean had slipped under my door was written by Jeffrey Scott. I enjoyed the script and learned from it. I wanted to read more. I walked to Jean’s DIC Entertainment studios, located over a beauty shop a couple blocks from the condo building we both lived in.

The small clutch of offices hustled and bustled with activity, a mélange of writers, producers, animators and secretaries rushing to and fro. A young receptionist directed me to Lori Crawford’s office. Lori was DIC’s Director of Creative Affairs. Very pretty, with girl-next-door shoulder-length hair, big doe eyes, an infectious smile but an attitude that said she had no time for anyone who didn’t work as hard as she did, Lori ran roughshod over writers, artists, directors and anyone else in the creative area. Over the days and weeks to come, she became one of my favorite people. I hoped the feeling was mutual.

I handed her the manilla envelope with Jeffrey Scott’s typed script – this was back when most writers who could afford them were pounding out scripts on IBM Selectric typewriters – and asked if I could see another script. She opened a file drawer and said, “Take your pick.”

I looked at thirteen numbered scripts in file folders, each with a title and Jeffrey Scott’s name on them. I asked, “He wrote every episode of the first season?” Lori nodded, a smile playing on the corners of her lips. I looked back at those thirteen files.

I didn’t know much about the entertainment business yet, but I knew whoever this Jeffrey Scott was, he was somebody big.


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